A rapid and automated diagnostic technique which employs fluorescent bound amplification of specific chromosomal regions. With this technique there is no need to wait for fetal cell culture results and has low sample requirements.

Sample Type– Blood or Amniotic Fluid, Product of Conception, Chorionic Villus Sample (CVS)


Trisomy 21(Down Syndrome), 18(Edward Syndrome), 13(Patau Syndrome), Sex chromosome aneuploidies.

Accurate, Rapid and economical
Overcome the need to culture fetal cells
Fully automated
Can rule out maternal cell contamination
Small Sample Volume required
Can Detect Triploidy and Mosaicism (as low as 15%)

QF PCR is a reliable method to replace other conventional cytogenetic analysis like FISH when prenatal testing is being done, being one of the best methods to detect trisomies with an accuracy rate of 98.6%.

TAT- 3 days

One stop solution for all your sequencing needs