1 in 1000 babies born are affected by an inherited metabolic disorder which can be easily identified and treated if detected early.

BabyScreen is a highly sensitive (>98%) and simple screening test for infants done after 48 hours of birth to identify the risk of certain metabolic conditions before the appearance of clinical symptoms by testing more than 100 biochemical and genetic conditions.

Why choose BabyScreen for your baby?

Since most of the metabolic disorders are not apparent at birth, it is impossible to diagnose these disorders. Hence, it offers an early detection which helps in subsequent intervention to manage such metabolic conditions.

BabyScreen is a highly sensitive test that detects deficiencies in specific enzymes leading to an abnormal metabolic process which ultimately lead to health conditions like:

  1. Neurological disorders
  2. Developmental delay
  3. Mental Retardation
  4. Learning and speech difficulties

Screen your Baby for these Target Conditions

Basic 7 Conditions

Biotinidase  |  Galactosemia  |  Phenylketonuria  |  Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia  |  Congenital Hypothyroidism  |  Cystic Fibrosis

GCMS (110 Conditions)

TMS (52 Conditions)

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