DNA methylation is done by adding methyl groups to the DNA molecule, changing the activity of a DNA segment without change in sequence. Bisulfite treatment is done before sequencing which yields information about the methylation status.

Advantages of Whole Exome Sequencing

Sample preparation follows the following steps:

  • Nucleic acid extraction-Nucleic acids (DNA or RNA) are extracted from a variety of biological samples like blood, cultured cells, tissue selections or urine .
  • Library preparation- the nucleic acids are converted into appropriate format according to the sequencing to be done by fragmentation and attachment of adapters .
  • Amplification- Amplification becomes essential to obtain enough coverage for reliable sequencing for samples with small amounts of starting material.
  • Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a common method to increase the amount of DNA.
  • Purification and quality control- This step is done for removal of unwanted material hindering sequencing. The quality and quantity of DNA improves the confidence of sequencing data.

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