The karyotype is a genetic test which evaluates all the 23 pairs of chromosomes to look for abnormal shape, size and number of chromosomes. A normal human karyotype should consist of 22 pairs of autosomes and one pair of sex chromosomes(either XX or XY).

What does the test screen for?
· Trisomies-13,18,21
· Monosomies -XO
· Chromosome deletions
· Chromosome translocations

When is it recommended?

Karyotype analysis can be done prenatally and postnatally. It is also a useful test to determine the cause of repeated miscarriage, infertility, developmental delay and intellectual disability to access the risk of foetus affected with a chromosomal anomaly and also to know the cause of death in the aborted foetus.

TAT- 8-10 working days

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