Degradome sequencing is a refined version of 5′-Rapid Amplification of cDNA Ends (RACE) in combination with high-throughput, deep sequencing that is used to identify microRNA (miRNA) cleavage sites and ta-siRNA (trans-acting siRNA) target. Also referred to as parallel analysis of RNA ends (PARE), Degradome-seq provides a comprehensive means of analyzing patterns of RNA processing and degradation Bioinformatics analysis basically involves Clustering of OTUs and the assembly of tags , Annotation of species, histogram of species profile, heat map, and phylogenetic tree and analysis of Alpha diversity, Beta diversity, Meta-analysis.

Advantages of Degradome Sequencing

  • High-throughput and high-resolution
  • Known and novel miRNAs are identified along with ta-siRNA
  • circRNAs regulatory networks and novel biomarkers can be explored
  • mRNA degradation sites can be statistically studied
  • miRNA targets and regulatory networks are identified

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