A chip-based analysis platform having an advantage of performing analysis of large sets of DNA at once. It can efficiently detect microdeletions, microduplications, loss of heterozygosity and aneuploidies in all chromosomes.

It provides the combination of CNVs (Copy Number Variations) and SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) and can screen for around 321 genetic conditions simultaneously.

When to recommend CMA?

As per the International Standard of Cytogenetic Array Consortium (ISCA), microarray is recommended as first line testing for individuals having:

.      Mental Retardation

  •         Developmental disabilities
  •         Autism spectrum disorders
  •         Multiple  congenital anomalies

 Commonly Screened conditions through CMA

Congenital anomalies – hypotonia, hydrops fetalis, heart defects, unexplained dwarfism

Neuropsychiatric disorders – Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorders

Deletion and Duplication Syndromes – Wolf Hrischhorn Syndrome, Miller- Diecker Syndrome, Smith Magenis Syndrome, X-Linked Ichthyosis and TAR Syndrome.

Why is CMA better than any other Cytogenetic Technique?

.    High resolution and better sensitivity

.    Better option for POC Samples because no culture required and faster reporting

.    Precise coverage of breakpoints

.    Detection of maternal cell contamination and Uniparental Disomy

TAT- 12-15 working days

One Stop Solution For All Your Sequencing Needs